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CVD Risk Factors in Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia  The Cardiology Advisor

Smoking, hypertension, and diabetes contributed to more than a quarter of excess CVD risk in individuals with heterozygous familiar hypercholesterolemia.

Eluforsen Improves CFTR Protein Function in CF Patients with F508del Mutations, Phase 1 Trial Shows  Cystic Fibrosis News Today

A CF treatment candidate called eluforsen improved CFTR protein function in patients with homozygous F508del mutations, a Phase 1 trial shows.

Restoring Protein’s Levels May Correct Frataxin Deficiency and Mitochondrial Changes in FA, Study Suggests  Friedreich's Ataxia News

Increased levels of a protein called GRP75 appear to repair frataxin deficiency and mitochondrial changes in Friedreich's ataxia (FA), a cell study reports.

Why these animals (and one baby) are incredibly jacked  Popular Science

If superheroes kept cattle, they'd keep Belgian Blues. These behemoths have such bulging muscles you'd think they spent their lives in a gym.

Obesity-Regulating Brain Signaling Pathway Genes Identified  Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

An international research team has identified signaling proteins that act in the brain's hypothalamus to direct the development of neuronal circuits that are ...

UK Biobank Dataset Helps Elucidate Pathogenicity of Rare Genetic Variants  GenomeWeb

Researchers were able to classify 1244 of 4585 putatively clinically relevant rare variants genotyped on the UKB microarray as high quality.

Homozygous JAK2 Germline Haplotype May Be Linked to Worse Survival in Myelofibrosis  Hematology Advisor

Researchers expanded on a previous study showing that the JAK2 46/1 haplotype was associated with decreased survival in primary myelofibrosis.

CRISPR-mediated activation of a promoter or enhancer rescues obesity caused by haploinsufficiency  Science Magazine

Loss-of-function mutation in one gene copy, termed haploinsufficiency, can lead to insufficient protein levels and result in human disease. Matharu et al. tested ...

Predicted Benign and Synonymous Variants in CYP11A1 Cause Primary Adrenal Insufficiency Through Missplicing.  UroToday

Primary adrenal insufficiency (PAI) is a potentially life-threatening condition that can present with nonspecific features and can be difficult to diagnose.

Obesity- Regulating Brain Signaling Pathway Genes  Anti Aging News

Rare heterozygous variants in SEMAs, their receptors, and co-receptors in those with severe early onset obesity have been identified.

Common conditions associated with hereditary haemochromatosis genetic variants: cohort study in UK Biobank  The BMJ

BMJ 2019; 364 doi: (Published 16 January 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;364:k5222. Linked opinion. Haemochromatosis is ...

Chips off the old block: most potatoes suffer depression  Cosmos

A large proportion of the world's potato crops are suffering from severe depression, according to researchers. That's not the type of depression that requires ...

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Heterozygous: A Genetics Definition - ThoughtCo
In diploid organisms, heterozygous refers to an individual having two different alleles for a specific trait. An allele is a version of a gene or specific DNA sequence on a chromosome.Alleles are inherited through sexual reproduction as the resulting offspring inherit half of their chromosomes from the mother and half from the father.

Heterozygous | Define Heterozygous at
Although the mother was fertilized by a normal male, every daughter is heterozygous for one or the other of the lethal factors.

Heterozygous | definition of heterozygous by Medical ...
having two different alleles at corresponding loci on homologous chromosomes. An individual who is heterozygous for a trait has inherited an allele for that trait from one parent and an alternative allele from the other parent.

What is the difference between homozygous and heterozygous?
What is the difference between homozygous and heterozygous? Humans contain two copies of each gene, one from the father and one from the mother, which sometimes are referred to as the alleles of a gene.

heterozygous - Dictionary Definition :
Genes come in pairs, called alleles, and each pair is located in a specific position (or locus) on a chromosome. If the two alleles at a locus are identical to each other, they are homozygous; if they are different from one another, they are heterozygous.

What is Heterozygous? - Definition, Traits & Example ...
We all have two copies of each of our genes. If your two copies are slightly different than each other, congratulations, you're heterozygous! Learn how heterozygosity occurs, and why it can be a ...

Heterozygote | definition of heterozygote by Medical ...
manifesting heterozygote a female heterozygous for an X-linked disorder in whom, because of unfavorable X inactivation, the trait is expressed clinically with about the same severity as in hemizygous affected males.

Zygosity - Wikipedia
Types. The words homozygous, heterozygous, and hemizygous are used to describe the genotype of a diploid organism at a single locus on the DNA. Homozygous describes a genotype consisting of two identical alleles at a given locus, heterozygous describes a genotype consisting of two different alleles at a locus, hemizygous describes a genotype consisting of only a single copy of a particular ...

Difference Between Homozygous & Heterozygous | Sciencing
Because humans are diploid, they have two copies of each chromosome and therefore two copies of each gene and locus. Homozygous means that these gene copies match while heterozygous means that do not.

Homozygous | Define Homozygous at
adjective. genetics (of an organism) having identical alleles for any one gene these two fruit flies are homozygous for red eye colour Compare heterozygous

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